Home Loan Process

Simplified Loan Process

  • We start with the initial consultation to discuss your situation, needs and future goals. We will then determine if you are eligible for a home loan or give you some advice on how to help you achieve those aspirations later.
  • We will send you an email which outlines what documents are required by the lender to proceed.
  • Once these supporting documents are ready, we can organise a time to meet and discuss your home loan options.
  • We compare and consider lenders and make an informed recommendation based on your requirements, we can now start the loan application process.
  • A privacy form and other related forms will need to be signed prior to the loan being presented.
  • The loan application will then be prepared and submitted to the selected lender.
  • Comments and supporting documents are emailed through to the lender.
  • If you have not found a property yet, you will be qualified as a pre-approval or an approval in principle. If you have found a property, you will be qualified as an approval, both will have conditions that will need to be satisfied by the lender.
  • The pre-approval would be subject to the valuation being complete and usually lasts 90 days from the issue date. Updated financials and a signed contract are needed to change it from a pre-approval to an approval once a property is found.
  • The conditional approval would involve completing all the lender’s missing/outstanding information’s list. We will organise a valuation and let you know what other information or documents are required. A valuation needs to be completed and deemed satisfactory before the unconditional approval is issued.
  • Once all the conditions have been met the unconditional approval will be issued.
  • Loan documents will be prepared and sent to the preferred destination.
  • Once the loan documents have been received, we can either set up another meeting to clarify and explain them to you or you can obtain independent legal advice. They need to be signed and returned to the lender.
  • After the documents are returned, they need to be certified for settlement. The lender will certify the loan and proceed to book in a settlement date.


  • The settlement date will be confirmed shortly after the documents are certified.
  • Your solicitor or conveyancer will liaison with the lender and advise what funds are available or needed to complete settlement.
  • Once settlement is complete you will be notified by us, the solicitor or conveyancer when we have been informed.
  • We will send you a settlement letter, we also provide ongoing support and advice for your loan.