Loan Types

Complete Home Loans main objective to make the home loan process as simple as possible for our clients. From the introduction process we aim to identify what loan product is suitable for your needs, from there will undertake all the complexities associated with the loan which includes the on-going negotiations, paperwork and communications with the lenders, conveyancers, solicitors and third parties.

A personal approach from us is essential to building a relationship with our clients. This isn’t a business transaction for us, we want to help our clients build long term wealth for their themselves and their families. The majority of our business is word of mouth which is a testament to our hard work and dedication, our clients are loyal as we are experienced, honest and trustworthy. We look after our clients not just for the life of their loan but for the rest of their lives.


A variable rate home loan is one of the most popular loan types. A standard loan which incorporates a mix of features and flexibility. The interest rate will move up and down with the market.
A fixed rate home loan offers a fixed interest rate for a set period of time. The repayments will stay the same during the fixed rate period and offers stability at a fixed cost. Fees may occur when a fixed rate home loan is broken.


Line of Credit

A line of credit home loan offers a credit facility similar to a credit card. The line of credit allows you to withdraw funds up to a set limit at any time. Repayments can be made in full or in monthly instalments. These loans give considerable freedom but they can be harder to manage.



An offset account is a savings account which is linked to your home loan. The balance of the savings account is offset against that owing on the current mortgage.



A split home loan can be a combination of any of the above loans.