Refinance & Debt Consolidation

Periodically reviewing your home loan is vital. The market is constantly changing so we must make sure your product and rate is always competitive.

Refinancing your current mortgage can be a great way to reduce costs and can also enable you to access equity for home improvements, debt consolidation or renovations.

If your current property has an LVR of under 80% you may be eligible to look at other options, if your product or rate is outdated or you feel like your current lender isn’t satisfying your needs this would be the perfect time to review your home loan.

Refinancing can update your loan product and lower your interest rate; we tailor this new home loan based on your current financial position and future.

Debt consolidation can also be helpful if you are struggling to pay off a debt or you have a debt which has a much higher interest rate than the lender.

A lender may be able to reduce your total monthly repayments by consolidating the debt into the home loan. Complete Home Loans will look at your debts and make an informed decision on how to save you money.