Mortgage broker Newtown- Inner West. Complete Home Loans has a professional approach with a personal touch, whether you are purchasing your first home, next home, refinancing or looking at investing

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Complete Home Loans is a small locally run business which specialises in finding a home loan which suits your needs, whether you are purchasing your first home, next home, investing or refinancing.

Understanding our client’s goals is critical to our success, we will review your current situation and future plans to provide you with a home loan which works for you.  We are the mortgage broker of choice in Inner West, Sydney and surrounding areas.

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The most common home loan is a new or existing property purchase. This could be for either owner occupied or investment purposes. We will provide options once your scenario is reviewed and the right home loan will be sourced from this information.

Periodically reviewing your home loan is vital. The market is constantly changing so we have to make sure your product and rate is always competitive.
Refinancing your current mortgage can be a great way to reduce costs and enable you to access equity for home improvements or renovations.

Buying your first home can be quite daunting with many factors to consider, its important you get great advice from the start. Complete Home Loans will guide you through each step to ensure you understand the home loan process and answer any questions you have along the way.

Purchasing land and building is a CHL speciality. We cater to new buildings and renovations while informing you on what documents are needed before and during the construction phase. The progress payments will be made easier as we follow the schedule until completion.

If you don’t have a 20% deposit and would like to avoid mortgage insurance this loan can used to your benefit, if applicable. The guarantor loan allows you to borrow between 100%-110% of the purchase price, subject to approval. This loan is common among first home buyers struggling to save a deposit but have the capabilities of servicing the loan.

Struggling to pay off a debt? A lender may be able to reduce your total monthly repayments by consolidating the debt into the home loan. Complete Home Loans will look at your debts and make an informed decision on how to save you some money.

There are some options available for our clients who have different degrees of credit impairment. There are lenders who specialise in non-conforming loans which are assessed on a case by case basis.

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Why people choose us

Our experience in these areas ensures these often-complicated processes are explained thoroughly and simplified as much as possible.

We provide full disclosure and transparency of all our practices and procedures during the course of the home loan process. We will review the loan contracts together so that both parties agree and understand the conditions of the loan.

Complete Home Loans excels where other brokers tend to struggle, specialty loans like construction, guarantor and debt consolidation is a common practise for us.

As we are a mobile lender, we are available to meet at your home or place of preference during or after work hours which includes weekdays and weekends.


Your financial circumstances will be taken into consideration to complete a lenders serviceability calculator. Income, assets, liabilities and monthly living expenses can affect your borrowing capacity. Lenders all have different criteria’s and ever-changing policies in regards to their serviceability, each client will be assessed based on the information and documents they provide to us.

The repayments will be determined by your total loan amount and your current interest rate.
In our opinion extra or additional repayments are essential in reducing the interest paid to the lender and reducing the loan term, depending on the loan type you have.
Please check out our loan repayment and extra repayment calculator for estimated repayments.

The deposit you will need will depend on the type of home loan required.
Owner-occupied and investment loans usually require at least 5% plus costs depending on the lender, the lenders will generally not exceed 95% LVR inclusive of LMI.
Specialty loans such as guarantor loans have options available where they can borrow up to 100%-110% of the property value.
First home buyers may also be eligible for the FHLDS where only a 5% deposit is required, and no lenders mortgage insurance is payable.

Stamp duty is based on the property purchase price and varies from state to state, it also may be reduced or removed if you are a first home buyer.
Please check out our stamp duty calculator page for more accurate figures.

Lenders mortgage insurance is a fee charged by the lender when the borrowers are deemed to be high risk due to borrowing over 80% (LVR) of the value of the property.
It’s insurance the lender uses to protect itself, the LMI is worked out from the lender’s calculator, the more deposit you have the less the LMI will be.
LMI can also be avoided with a guarantor loan, a bigger deposit or a non-refundable gift deposit.

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